Corn, Bannock & Music

Corn, Bannock & Music
Sunday Sept 8 Dimanche

En honneur de les Métis de la Rivière au Rat / In honor of our Rat river Métis ancestors
Sponsored by / appuié par
Musée St Pierre Jolys / Cabane a Sucre

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Goulet House

Moïse Goulet was a freighter who transported merchandise by Red River oxcart from St. Paul, Minnesota to Fort Garry, Manitoba.

His house was situated on the Crow Wing Trail, near the Rat River, two miles south of St-Pierre-Jolys. This was a “resting place” for the freighters. Dating from the late 1800’s, this typical Red River style house was built of hand-cut logs. The Municipality has designated the Maison Goulet as a historical building.

It was donated to the St-Pierre-Jolys Museum in 1985 and stands straight and strong on the magnificent Museum grounds.

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